Welcome to Simbula Ventures Ltd

We are a rural abased social enterprise that deals in alternative climate smart farming practices that enhance smallholder farmers’ resilience to climate change while promoting food security and nutrition. We focus on creating people centered approaches of sustainable food production through innovations, outreach, and education.
We leverage on our networks, skills retooling and experience in creating and innovating climate smart solutions and disseminate them in the wider community. The social enterprise has so far picked interest and gained ground in mushroom farming as a potential venture to increase household incomes, promote food security and nutrition among smallholder farmers.

The brains behind simbula


Meet the committed team behind simbula ventures growth
Ndyabawe Myres is a social entrepreneur with great passion for transforming communities. He has a commendable track record of great work and has been appreciated through a series of awards including MasterCard Foundation Social Entrepreneurship awards and Resolution Project Class 1 social entrepreneurship awards.
Isaac is a passionate conservationist and entrepreneur with great enthusiasm to serve the community. He is a tested leader and has diverse experience in delivering projects hinged on environmental sustainability. He is the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) East Africa Fellow, 2020 (Cohort 39), associate Youth to Work (Y2W) Program 2019, Award winner- CURAD-Best climate action enterprise of the year 2021.

Our Partners